What to Do After a Snow Car Accident

The Last heavy snow caused major issues on roadways across Massachusetts, and many accidents and road closures were reported.


You probably are tired of clearing ice and snow off your car, but this is something you have to deal with unless you want to risk to pay a fine or disregard the safety of others and even your own.



Well, if after a snow storm you have just to remove the snow from your car, then, perhaps, you may consider yourself a lucky guy. Think about the bright side; you are going to burn some calories, which is not that bad, right? :)


In another hand, if you got yourself involved in an accident, take some deep breaths to get calm. Here is something useful to know:


- The insurance company is going to recommend one of their preferred shops. They have arrangements with shops that will do some of the work (such as photographing your car) for the insurance company. You are not required to go to one of their shops. You can go to any shop you choose.


Next step?


Get the car to Somerville Auto Center. If your vehicle is not drivable, contact us us and we will help you.


We will take all necessary steps to ensure your vehicle is repaired properly.