Potentially Historic March Blizzard!

As you probably know, there will be a heavy snow, tomorrow, Tuesday 13th. Potentially Historic March Blizzard!


If you can, please stay indoors and avoid hit the road. 


But, what if you have to drive? Are you prepared?


Well, you better be because this Tuesday will be a messy day with heavy snow and strong winds.


So, what can you do?


Here are some basics:


  • Check your battery
  • Get an emergency kit - deicer, shovel, ice scraper, sand or kitty litter (for traction) and a flashlight.
  • Pack a blanket, extra gloves, hat, heavy coat, snacks, beverages, etc.
  • Charge your cell phone and have a backup battery.
  • Make sure you have a full tank of gas.
  • Drive SLOWLY and keep a safe distance from other cars.


We hope you never need, but if you find yourself unexpectedly caught in a car accident and you need auto body repairs, keep calm and contact Somerville Auto Center, the collision repair will be done right the first time.